Teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog, using scientifically proven methods.

We don't guess.

How we plan for success


What behaviours are they displaying?

Let's see what's happening


We make a realistic plan for what goals are achievable and support you throughout the entire process. We will not stop until you're successful.

Personalised plan


We carefully analyse all the information you provide and help decipher what it means.

In-home consultation

Where do we start

We have two main options. Unsure which one? Book a call and we can help you decide.

Behavioural Modification

For dogs who need extra time and attention to help with problem behaviours.


For those who have one specific behaviour fixed. First session is 1.5 hours. 


Create a solid foundation and all other training becomes more effective.

Let's personalise

This list just scratches the surface, there’s so many more we can help with.

- Chewing
- Anxiety
- Aggression
- Leash pulling

- Lunging
- Biting
- Barking
- Resource Guarding

After our in-home consultation, we tailor the course to your specific goals and needs. Then we create a personalised plan for continued training.

Whether they’re anxious or if you just want to be able to walk without pulling. We will make sure you and your dog succeed.

A few common behaviours we see;



Hourly Sessions


Foundations Course


In-home Consultation

These are our most popular packages. Keep in mind that each situation will require a different approach.

Explore with Ollie’s Adventures

An exclusive membership that runs all year round for selected dogs. Small groups, precisely formed.