Ollie's Adventures

An exclusive membership that runs all year round for selected dogs. Small groups, precisely formed.

Effective socialisation

You can trust we’ll look after your pup. They’ll come home happy and tuckered out!

The dogs your pup socialises with have huge influence on their behaviours. That’s why it’s crucial for them to socialise with the right group. Unfortunately many dogs at parks nowadays don't know how to socialise.

Ollie’s Adventures is a life long membership once excepted. Every day has a set group. Your dog will be assessed on application and we’ll make sure that they’ll be able to fit in to one of the days. Then we’ll do a trial meet to make sure everything will go smoothly.

Your dogs happiness and safety is our number one priority.

Ollie’s Adventures runs during the morning from Monday to Friday. We’ll pick them up from your home and drop them off after their big adventure!

Small group

GPS Collars

Safe Socialisation

How do I know if Ollie’s Adventures is for me?

Don’t worry if you feel you can’t check off every box! We can help with training, and get them ready for Ollie’s Adventures.

There’s a few things to consider;

Do you live in the greater Newcastle area?
Does my dog have effective recall?
Does my dog enjoy socialising with others?
Do they have the proper social skills for interacting?
Am I confident with my dog off leash?
Can they travel in the car calmly?
Are they over 8 months old?